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ICR Track Club

ICR Track Club is a cross-country and track club based out of Long Beach, California. With its mild weather year-round, Long Beach makes for an optimal training location.  ICR is open to any individual that is serious about the sport of running and wants to promote the sport of cross-country and track in a positive manner. 



ICR Track Club will provide an athlete with excellent coaching and advanced training programs for designated event areas while teaching the fundamentals of running and providing knowledge of the sport. By making a friendly, safe environment we can promote cross-country and track and help strengthen the sport within the community.


Track Club Standards

                               A- Standard                   B-Standard 800

                              800 1:52/2:13                                  1:56/2:17

                          1,500  3:52/4:32                                  3:57/4:35

                          1,600  4:10/4:55                                  4:13/5:00

                          3,200  9:00/10:20                              9:20/10:45

                         5,000  14:40/17:20                           15:10/17:50 

                         8,000  24:45                                               25:30

                       10,000  30:30                                               32:00

                 Marathon  2:35:00/3:20:00               2:50:00/3:35:00



Pacific Open Water Challenge:
Recently relocated to Marine Stadium in Long Beach, the 2009 Pacific Open Water Challenge is poised to grow into a major open water swimming event.
Website Launched:
ICR is proud to announce the launch of their new website.  We are excited to provide this information source to give up to date information on our upcoming events as well as our programs such as ICR Beachrunners and ICR Track Club.
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